Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a painless, non-invasive treatment designed to produce dazzling results that will help you love your smile. Over time, multiple factors can contribute to the staining and discoloration of your tooth enamel, including:

  • Age
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Smoking and tobacco use
  • Coffee, wine, soda, or tea
  • Sugary or highly acidic foods
  • Certain medications and illnesses
  • Metal dental restorations
  • Fluorosis

Teeth whitening aims to reverse any negative effects caused by these factors to reveal a brighter, whiter smile. At Dr. Jeffrey A. Carson’s dental office, we are proud to offer our patients high-quality professional teeth whitening in Cleveland, Tennessee, for dramatic results. Our dentist offers at-home teeth whitening options so you can achieve the bright, white smile of your dreams in the comfort of your own home. We provide custom-made bleaching trays, which you will fill with bleaching gel provided by our office. The whitening trays are then worn over your teeth to gently bleach away stains and discoloration on your teeth. We also offer Crest Whitestrips. For a smile you can be excited to share, we encourage you to contact our dental office today. We would be happy to help schedule your cosmetic consultation to learn more about teeth whitening!
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