Laser Dentistry

Our skilled dentist, Dr. Jeffrey A. Carson, leads our dental team in offering your entire family the latest advances in dental technology as part of our ongoing effort to provide you with all of the high-quality treatments you need and deserve.

One of our premier treatments is laser dentistry, which is the use of dental lasers to aid and assist in multiple treatments. Dental lasers can minimize pain and bleeding during surgical treatments, reduce recovery time, and help you have an improved overall experience. At our dental office, we are proud to use the Waterlase® as our premier dental laser.

The Waterlase is a dental laser that uses water, air, and energy to cut through your tooth and transform your dental experience. Our team is trained and qualified to use the Waterlase to treat both soft and hard tissue conditions.

Laser therapy in Cleveland, Tennessee, is just one of the ways we put your smile first. If you would like more information about our dental technology and dental lasers, please call our office today. We would love to schedule a tour for you, where you can come to our office, meet our friendly staff, and learn more about how we can benefit your smile. We are excited to meet you and your family!
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